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Michigan Supreme Court must hear no-fault FOIA case

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Kathy Hoekstra is right on the money with her suggestion that the Michigan Supreme Court has an opportunity to allow the People of Michigan to learn whether the Michigan Auto No Fault Insurance Companies running the MCCA are good stewards of the money they have collected from its insureds or whether they are playing politics… Read more »

How Tort Reform Hurts Health Care for Everyone

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We have often blogged in this space about the fact that tort reform does not really do anything to drive down health care costs, does nothing to improve overall healthcare, and does not have the result of attracting more physicians to a state.  In fact, it is merely a ruse to assist large corporations and… Read more »

(Michigan) 15 Car Accident On M-14

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A car crash turned into a 15 car accident on M-14 yesterday morning. The chain reaction crash caused M-14 to be closed on the eastbound side near the Ann Arbor Main Street exit. Police say a middle aged man driving a semi-tractor pulling an RV is responsible for the crash. Police say that their were… Read more »

(Michigan) Women Attacked While Trying To Save Her Dog

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A 44 year old women and her dog were viciously attacked in Northfield Township. Ellen Mohan says she is still recovering physically and emotionally after two dogs killed her 3 year old poodle mix, Zoey. Ellen tried saving Zoey when the unleashed dogs attacked her poodle while on a walk. Ellen says “I’m still re-living… Read more »