How Tort Reform Hurts Health Care for Everyone

1843600_sWe have often blogged in this space about the fact that tort reform does not really do anything to drive down health care costs, does nothing to improve overall healthcare, and does not have the result of attracting more physicians to a state.  In fact, it is merely a ruse to assist large corporations and insurance companies in avoiding responsibility for their actions.


An article in the Huffington Post posits that not only does tort reform not positively impact health care and its costs, but it actually leads to poorer care for all patients.  The article summarizes studies performed by the Northwestern University, Institute for Policy Research, Northwestern University – Kellogg School of Management, and the Northwestern University School of Law.  In summary, the studies found:


  1. “Consistent evidence that patient safety generally falls” after damage caps are enacted. The full study on this topic can be downloaded here.
  2. “Caps on damages” actually increase health care costs. The full study on this topic can be downloaded here.
  3. When a state passes caps, the only kinds of doctors the stated seems to attract are plastic surgeons. The full study on this topic can be downloadedhere.


The full article can be read here.

(Illinois) Family Questions Officer After Killing Unarmed Family Member

Last year, a man was shot and killed by an off duty police officer outside a Chicago Housing Authority building. Now, the man’s family is questioning if the officer did everything according to protocol or if something could have been done to save this man’s life. Marlon Horton was unarmed when he was shot and killed by an officer working as a CHA security guard.

Horton’s family claims the shooting was unnecessary use of deadly force. But that is not the only thing that is hurting this family; they are also upset that the officer did nothing to help Horton survive after he had shot him, other than calling 911. Horton’s family released the 911 call Wednesday after the shooting that they say shows the police officer let Horton bleed to death, despite being advised by the 911 operator to stop the bleeding. “Put a clean dry towel from wherever he is bleeding from, keep him calm, help is on the way,” the paramedic tells the officer to do.

“The Chicago Fire Department paramedic specifically instructs Officer Walker what to do. Again I’m assuming Officer Walker has some first aid training anyway, but beyond that, clearly on the 911 call, the Chicago Fire Department paramedic says put a dry clean cloth where the wound is,” Horton’s family attorney Jeffrey Granich said. Granich adds had Officer Walker followed the paramedic’s instructions, Horton’s life may have been saved.

Chicago Police Superintendent, Garry McCarthy, has stated that the officer’s conduct after the incident was considered appropriate.

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(Michigan) Shopper Dies At Menards Due To Pallet Falling On Top Of Him

A 38 year old Clinton Township man losses his life over the weekend due to tiles falling on him while out shopping. Richard V Colletti was shopping with his wife on Saturday morning at Menards in Chesterfield Township when 600 pounds of tiles came crushing down on him from an upper storage rack.

The 600 pound pallet had just been stacked when the fork lift operator noticed that it was starting to tilt. Allegedly, the operator called for the couple to “watch out” but Colletti did not hear as he was farther down the aisle. Police are continuing to investigate the incident with Menards store management and employees, as they also continue to question the forklift operator. Police said at this time there is no indication of negligence and are waiting on the results from the medical examiner.

Colletti was taken to McLaren’s emergency room in Mt. Clemens with head injuries. According to police, he died there a few hours after the accident occurred.

This is not the first incident that Menards has had regarding injuries to customers. In fact, court documents show that from 1997 until 2002 there has been at least 16 injuries that have been reported at the hardware store. In 2003, a women was awarded $385 thousand dollars due to a steel door falling on her and injuring her back. More recently, a couple sued the company in 2009 due to injuries that they suffered after visiting a Menards in Indiana.

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(Missouri) Boone County Facing Million Dollar Lawsuit

Another $240 thousand may get added to the defense of Boone County and their employees for a lawsuit filed by a man whose murder conviction was vacated. Boone County may possibly end up spending nearly $450,000 by the end of the year in its defense. As of now, Boone County and their county workers are being sued for $100 million dollars.

The lawsuit against Boone County was filed by Ryan Ferguson. Ferguson was convicted back in 2005 for the killing of Columbia Dailey Tribune sports editor Kent Heitholt. A state appeals court ruled last year that the prosecutors withheld evidence from Fergusons attorneys and that his trial was unfair. The judges found that the prosecution, which was led by Kevin Crane, was guilty of several Brady violations. The Brady decision requires prosecutors to share all of the exculpatory evidence with the defense.

Boone County is revising the budget to help with some of these cost, including the legal fees for representing all the county workers that are involved in the case. They have already done 2 budget revisions and received $100,000 from each.

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(Michigan) 15 Car Accident On M-14

A car crash turned into a 15 car accident on M-14 yesterday morning. The chain reaction crash caused M-14 to be closed on the eastbound side near the Ann Arbor Main Street exit. Police say a middle aged man driving a semi-tractor pulling an RV is responsible for the crash.

Police say that their were a few cars involved in the crash that were from out of state, coming up to visit for Labor Day. However, many of the cars involved were families that were headed to the University of Michigan campus to unpack for move in day for undergrad students.

Several cars are totaled from the accident and all cars received some form of damage to them. Five people had to go to the University of Michigan Hospital to receive treatment for their injuries. The driver of the truck has not been charged, what happened to cause the crash is still unknown.

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(Illinois) Skokie Hospital Involved In Lawsuit Over Leg Amputation

Skokie Hospital is currently being sued due to the amputation of a Jewish man’s leg. Forty three year old Moshe Lefkowitz is an orthodox Jew, whose religion requires the deceased to be buried whole in preparation for the afterlife. Lefkowifz alleges in court papers that he told a rabbi working for the hospital along with other medical staff of his wishes to preserve his leg before his surgery removal of his left leg below the knee.
He is now suing the hospital, the owner of the hospital and the rabbi for more than $100,000 in damages. When the suit first came to a Cook County judge, it had gotten dismissed. However, the appeals court reversed that ruling late last month and sent the case back in for another trial.

The hospital denied any wrongdoing, stating in court papers that Lefkowitz signed consent forms two different times, including two days before the surgery which gave the hospital permission to cremate his leg. Lefkowitz gave a sworn statement in which he stated that he is legally blind, and he alleges a nurse explained that the form he signed was just giving his consent to the surgery.

“There is no place for Plaintiff’s religious contentions in the civil court system,” the hospital’s attorneys argued in an appellate brief. The hospital also said Lefkowitz should not be permitted to sue the rabbi for what it called “clergy malpractice.”

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(Missouri) Trucking Company Discriminates Against Female Drivers

A Missouri based trucking company is making headlines for discrimination against its female drivers. A federal judge found a pattern going on related to the discrimination against the female truck drivers of this company. The judge ruled that the Springfield-based New Prime Inc. had been in violation of a federal law by requiring its female drivers to only be trained by other female drivers.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission sued New Prime over the practice a few years earlier, alleging that their policy limited women’s access to jobs or delayed their hiring. The company tried to have the case dismissed by suspending the women training women policy that the company enforced in 2003.

The commission is still determining the damages and remedies for the women of this company that have been involved in this case.

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(Michigan) Detroit Police No Longer Under Federal Oversight

For over a decade now the Detroit Police Department has been operating under a federal oversight. A judge has now decided to end the federal monitor due to a request from the city and the U.S. Department of Justice.

In 2003, Detroit entered into two consent judgments after police had been accused of abusing power. Some incidents include officers being accused of using excessive force, illegal detentions and unconstitutional conditions of confinement.

However, many still argue that the oversight did nothing and that the force in the department has not changed.

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(Michigan) Women Attacked While Trying To Save Her Dog

A 44 year old women and her dog were viciously attacked in Northfield Township. Ellen Mohan says she is still recovering physically and emotionally after two dogs killed her 3 year old poodle mix, Zoey. Ellen tried saving Zoey when the unleashed dogs attacked her poodle while on a walk. Ellen says “I’m still re-living it,” she adds “My hand is still healing.” Mohan continues to receive medical treatment for injuries from the attack.

The Washtenaw County Prosecutors Office authorized misdemeanor charges against two men for the attack. A 26 year old man who owns the dogs will be charged for having a dog that is unlicensed and his father, a 54 year old man who allegedly let the dogs out of the door, will face two counts of allowing dogs to run astray.

The two dogs await their fate at the Humane Society of Huron Valley. If the case stays in the courts, a judge could decide what happens with the dogs as soon as the next court hearing on September 3rd.

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(Detroit) Renisha McBride’s Family Files $10 Million Dollar Lawsuit

The family of Renisha McBride is taking the man who killed her back to court but this time for a different matter. McBride’s family has now filed a civil suit against Theodore Wafer for $10 million dollars.

Attorneys representing the McBride family filed the wrongful death lawsuit against Wafer in Wayne County. Wafer was found guilty of murdering unarmed 19 year old Renisha McBride on his front porch after she knocked on his door in the middle of the night.

He is expected to be sentenced for murdering Renisha McBride on September 3rd. This first conference on the civil suit is scheduled for November 18th.

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